What should concern us after hair transplant?

Artur Kierach

FUE hair transplant is a method which doesn’t result in any complications in most cases. Thanks to a fast development of medicine, hair transplantation has become possible without leaving linear scars, and the transplant rejection almost never occurs because both the donor and the recipient of hair follicles is the same person (thanks to that the body has no difficulty accepting hair follicles in a new place). The recovery after the procedure lasts only 5-7 days, after which time the patient can return to his normal activities and easily forget that he has undergone any treatment. In some case a consultation with the doctor and taking certain actions are necessary. What should concern us after the procedure and make us contact the doctor?

The scalp after the transplant

Hair transplant is a procedure which greatly irritates the scalp, that’s why it often needs more time to recover to its normal condition. There could be some swelling after the transplant for a few days. However, it is shouldn’t be worrying – during the procedure the scalp is pricked numerous times. The prescribed medicine help overcome the swelling. Numerous scalp pricks also have an influence on its colour. After such a serious procedure, the delicate scalp becomes greatly irritated and the reddening stays sometimes as long as 2-3 months after the transplant. Another worrying symptom is hair loss just a few days after the procedure. We must remember that the transplanted hair follicles already contain hairs, which fall out after several days to make room for new proper hairs that will stay with us for a long time.

What should concern the patient after the hair transplant?

The patients after the hair transplant should always follow the instructions recommended by the doctor. Unfortunately, in some cases the body , despite taking precautions, can send us signals requiring an urgent consultation with the doctor. One of the symptoms, which should concern us after FUE hair transplant method, is the appearance of purulent eczema. An antibiotics therapy is necessary when purulence occurs.

Consultation with a doctor

Even if we follow the doctor’s postoperative instructions, the recovery sometimes may not go smoothly. In case of the occurrence of any doubts or worrying symptoms, it’s always advisable to contact the doctor, e.g. online.

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