What does the price of FUE hair transplant method include?

Artur Kierach

FUE hair transplant method is one of the most often chosen treatments of esthetic medicine. The greatest advantages of this solution are a quick recovery after the treatment, lack of linear scars at the back of the head, short time to see the first visible results and practically no complications after the procedure. It can be said that FUE method has no drawbacks – the doctor transplants hair extracted from the patient himself (the body doesn’t reject the transplant), the procedure is almost painless. So, what is the reason why not every patient chooses this quick and effective form of hair restoration? One of the main reasons is an economic factor. The cost of this kind of hair transplant is not the lowest one.

What does the price include?

The hair transplant price consists of many elements. The clinic must take a number of actions in order to perform the procedure in line with the highest standards, and guarantee the patient appropriate care and safety. The price includes the cost of an operating room and its preparation. During such medical procedures we use disposable tools and equipment such as micro-punch, implanters and liquids for storing hair follicles. The essential medical devices include disposable needles, syringes, bandages, gauzes, etc. To provide the patient with a full comfort, he is always given a suitable anesthetic. The cost also includes the doctor’s and the assistant nurse’s remuneration. Another important element of the price is the after-procedure care – at HairCentre Kierach the patient is guaranteed check-up appointments after 6 and 12 months after the procedure, and e-prescriptions for the period of one year after the procedure (4 prescriptions with medicine of the period of 3 months).

Invaluable doctor’s experience

Hair transplant is not much invasive, and in most cases we can forget about it after just a few days (the recovery takes only 5-7 days). The doctor must display great medical knowledge so that the procedure seems pleasant to the patient. It can be appropriately performed only by an experienced doctor – even the slightest mistake may negatively affect the transplant and its final result. An experienced doctor is able to restore the hairline in such a way that it looks natural and is suitable to the patient’s age. Another demanding task is transplanting hair follicles under an appropriate angle – an inappropriate performance may result in the hair not arranging nicely and standing out.

Hair transplant – prices in Poland and around the world

Patients often wonder what may be the reason why prices of hair transplant differ greatly. It’s difficult to give an unequivocal answer because the price of the procedure always depends on many factors and may differ depending on the type of baldness. The price which is considerably low should make the patient alert – if a clinic offers hair transplant for a significantly low price, either the person performing the procedure has little experience (he is usually a technician, and not a qualified doctor) or there is no after-procedure care. The price which is not in line with the standard market prices may also mean that the hair transplant offer does not meet all the expectations and safety regulations or hair transplant techniques. It is essential that before the procedure the patient must verify the range of services that he pays for and gain as much information about the performing doctor as possible.

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