Micro-pigmentation of the scalp

Artur Kierach

Hair loss is a problem affecting people of different ages. It is very important to react quickly and undertake effective actions, which is mainly consulting a doctor and finding the source of the problem. Many people unconsciously miss the moment when it is possible to implement pharmacological treatment, which hinders the process of hair loss. Then, FUE method is an effective way to restore hair in most cases; however, in some cases patients may not qualify for it. Another long-lasting way to ‘hide’ the baldness, for which is never too late, is micro-pigmentation of the scalp. What is the method about?

Micro-pigmentation of the scalp – what is it?

Micro-pigmentation of the scalp is a procedure when an appropriate pigment is given to create an effect of a shaved head full of growing hair. This type of activity is called a medical tattoo. Contrary to artistic tattoos, the pigment is implemented under the skin at a lower depth. After the procedure, the patient’s head gives the impression of a shaved head – it is all covered with spots which resemble hair follicles. This solution is excellent for people for whom it’s too late for a hair transplant because they have lost too many hairs and the donor area is too small to extract hair follicles. Micro-pigmentation of the hair is also a great solution for people with thin hair , receding hairline and who show other symptoms of hair loss, but they don’t opt for a transplant.

Hairdo change after micro-pigmentation

Micro-pigmentation is a procedure which may be conducted at any given moment. It is not an obstacle for other procedures in the future (e.g. hair transplant) or hairdo change. In some cases it is required to repeat the micro-pigmentation procedure because the pigment appears to be too weak or loses its intensity with time. Micro-pigmentation is often connected with other methods to intensify the visual effect. This procedure doesn’t mean that the patient cannot have a hairdo with long hair – he/she can start growing hair again at any moment. It is always advisable to consult a doctor to arrange the details of the procedure.

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