How to lower the cost of hair transplant?


Hair loss itself is not a disease in most cases – it’s a body disorder which may result from many factors, ranging from stress, through unhealthy diet to genetic or hormonal problems. The worst we can do is to wait passively – no doctor’s interference can lead to partial or whole baldness. Time plays an important role when it comes to hair loss – the sooner a patient consults a specialist, the greater a chance for an effective solution to the problem. When we postpone a doctor’s appointment for too long, we narrow our options and possibilities as well as increase the treatment cost…

Time plays an important role

Patients should consult a doctor immediately they notice an excessive hair loss. In the office they will go through a medical interview, get a doctor’s referral to blood and other medical check-ups. It is extremely important to find the cause of hair loss – you cannot treat something we have no knowledge about. An early discovery of the causes of the body disorders enables us to implement an effective pharmacological treatment, which results in stopping the hair loss. We must remember that the damaged hair follicles cannot be recovered; that’s why it is crucial to stop the process of hair loss at the moment when it isn’t at an advanced level.

When it is too late for the treatment…

In many cases it is too late to implement an effective pharmacological treatment; patients must undergo other procedures to restore their hair. FUE is one of the effective methods to fight the hair loss problem. The most important element of such procedures is the doctor’s experience – as for hair transplants, there is no place for a single mistake. The patient receives new hair for many long years – the procedure is to guarantee that the hair will look attractive; that’s why it is significant to choose an experienced doctor with an artistic sense who will be able to restore natural healthy-looking hair.

How to lower the cost of hair transplant?

So, how to lower the cost of hair transplant? The best solution is to make quick and resolute actions. Do not postpone the specialist’s appointment; even if we have been experiencing the problem of hair loss for years, consult a doctor as soon as possible. If the problem is quite recent, our case may qualify for implementing pharmacological treatment – even if it doesn’t change our hairdo completely, it may lower the cost of a possible future hair transplant.

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