How much does a hair loss treatment cost?

Artur Kierach

Hair loss is a problem which often affects a lot of men and women. The treatment of this affliction can be associated with high cost – in many cases, before we decide to consult an expert doctor, we try out various remedies and drugs, the prices of which often add up to a considerable amount of money. Shampoos, tablets, pills and other drugs sold over the counter constitute a great business; however, in many cases they hardly contribute to the fight against hair loss. It must be remembered that even the best and the most promising remedies will never restore our hair – they may possibly improve the condition of the hair we still have, though.

Consult your doctor

Each and every patient is different, which means that each case of baldness will require the implementation of a different treatment. The key to restoring healthy hair is to find the cause of its loss. There may be various reasons for that – genetics, stress or bad eating habits, just to name a few. The majority of hair disorders requires the implementation of appropriate treatment methods; the postponement of visiting an expert doctor usually makes hair loss progress visibly year by year, and it eventually leads to complete baldness. It’s not worth experimenting with your health and needlessly wasting time and money – the sooner you visit a specialist, the sooner they are able to find the source of your health problems, which will allow for planning and implementing an appropriate treatment. It is often possible to recover healthy hair just by means of a proper pharmacological therapy. However, in most cases the most effective solution is the use of treatments such as mesotherapy or laser therapy.

Treatment of male-type baldness

As far as androgenic baldness (the so-called male-type alopecia) is concerned, the most popular treatments are three officially approved methods: minoxidil, finasteride and laser therapy. Unfortunately, it must be remembered that not all of them will be effective for all patients. It is the doctor who decides which method should be implemented; it is their knowledge and great experience that contribute to the accurate selection of the method, which will bring desired results as quickly as possible. Given the fact that we will be able to maintain the condition of healthy hair for years, the treatment cost of one of the above-mentioned methods is really low and shouldn’t exceed several hundred zlotys. Healthy hair on our head make us look younger and gain confidence. Given all these advantages, there is no doubt that visiting a doctor is the best option and a good investment.

The cost of hair transplantation

When asked about the price of a hair transplant, it is difficult to give a clear answer; each patient is different so the cost of treatment is different and dependent on many factors, mainly on the number of grafts transplanted. Hair loss treatment may require several stages. It is crucial to find an appropriate doctor who you can fully trust and who will opt for a proper method only after finding the source of your problem. The decision of a hair transplant is often of ‘the last resort’ kind, that’s why before making it the patient often undergoes a pharmacological treatment or other less complicated procedures. If such methods don’t bring the desired result or they solve the problem only for a few years, they will surely decrease the cost of a possible hair transplant in the future as they improve the quality of hair. The best investment for a patient struggling with a hair loss problem is to consult a doctor; the sooner he finds the cause of the problem and implements the treatment, the lower the cost and the less invasive the method is. At HairCenter Kierach, the estimate of treatments takes place already at the initial stage of an online consultation, which often makes it easier for patients to decide how to finance their treatment (own payment or, and, above all, allows for reasonable expenditure.

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