High hairline – what does it result from and how to lower it?

Artur Kierach

Many patients develop alopecia problems at a relatively young age. Time plays an absolutely crucial role in the event of their occurrence – the quicker we find a reason for hair loss, the more able we are to implement effectively methods of fighting the hair loss such as a pharmacological treatment. Unfortunately, drugs can appear to be ineffective in some types of alopecia. If the problem of hair loss has already appeared on the side of your mother or father, there is every likelihood that it will also affect you. The sooner the process of hair loss begins, the higher the chance that baldness will go on to an advanced stage at a young age; that’s why it is never advisable to postpone visiting an experienced doctor.

Androgenic alopecia or maturing hairline

Noticing the changes along the hairline can often be a sign that we have inherited the so-called alopecia gene from our family members. Androgenic alopecia results in a deterioration in the quality of hair all over your head – they are becoming thinner and more delicate. It should be remembered that the change of their line doesn’t always concern a male-type baldness. The exceptions include, among others, young men. Due to unstable hormonal balance, they may experience temporary hair problems – the so-called maturing hairline, which subsides itself over the time. The stages and patterns of androgenic baldness have been classified in the Norwood scale , where NW2 is attributed to minimal hair loss whereas NW7 means hair loss up to the top of the head. It is extremely important not to underestimate the hair loss. If the source of hair problems is diagnosed early enough, it is possible to hinder the process and maintain healthy hair for many years. There are treatments which can be applied to the scalp - they tend to be effective, and not only may they hinder the process of hair loss, but also positively affect the growth of our hair.

Online consultation

We should contact a doctor as soon as possible in order to find the source of problems associated with a changing hairline. The first step may be an online consultation. It is recommended to send some photos of your head by e-mail (in HairCenter Kierach you can do it via the contact form). In the reply, you should receive some initial information whether your hair can be qualified for FUE transplantation. Male alopecia progresses gradually, that’s why the option of constant hair restoration may not always be the best possible solution. A very low, often youthful hairline, may look good as far as a person in their 20s is concerned; however, in the case of a matured man, it often makes an unnatural impression. An experienced doctor is of crucial importance here. Only they are able to predict the process of hair loss in the future and design a hairline appropriate to the age and the face shape of the patient.

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