Hair transplant: The two most frequently asked questions

Artur Kierach

For many years of myworking with patients from all over the world,I have been both gaining precious medical experience, but I have also learned a lot aboutlife and people. Amongthe most important, but also the most obvious lessons,were those that strengthened me in my conviction that regardless of the continent of origin,we are all the same. It’s because before any procedure we all keep asking the same question: “Will it hurt?”

Hair transplant does not hurt

We have performed hundreds of transplants and I reckon none of them went without this question being asked. Our fear of pain is not surprising at all.I don’t want to delve into psychology and ponder why we are all afraid of pain. Regardless of its intensity, pain is always unpleasant and let’s assume that this argument is just enough. The answer to another question asked today is very pleasing. A hair transplant does not hurt! The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. The patientdoes not experience any pain, but remains fully conscious, talking, reading or watching movies. After a completed procedure we recommend preventive doses of anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics.

Fast recovery

Another frequently asked question is about the duration of recovery after the procedure. For the last couple of years,cosmetic medicine has made a leap forward. In the past,a hair transplant required harvesting a piece of skin from the occiput and such a solution resulting in quite a large linear scar as a “souvenir”. Nowadays, thanks to the FUE method every follicle is sourced separately, which prevents the linear scar at the back of your head and significantly shortens the recovery time. After the hair transplant with the FUE method,full recovery takes only 5-7 days. Thus, many patients undergo the procedure during their holidays only to forget about it when returning back to work.

Quick and painless

Please bear in mind that every patient and every balding case necessitatesan individualized approach, and thus every procedure, experience, and opinionafter it, might be different. Despite this, let me stress once again that the FUE hair transplant is painless and characterized by fast recovery in the vast majority of cases.

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