Eyebrow transplant – is it possible?

Artur Kierach

Human body is almost all covered with hair – we have no hair only on soles and palms. From an evolutionary point of view, their existence all over the body is not accidental; however, nowadays we care for hair only because of esthetic reasons – hair plays an important role in creating our image. In some areas it is more visible and desirable, in others it is weaker and unwanted… A quick medical development allows us to control our hair, for example through hair follicle transplant – theoretically nothing stands in the way to transfer them from one area to another, so what about the real life?

Perfect eyebrow shape

Today we will concentrate on eyebrows for a change, they are also hair, aren’t they? Eyebrows shape our face and have a great influence on our appearance; that’s why so many people take care of their eyebrows so that they aren’t too thick or too thin… The need to have a perfectly shaped eyebrows leads our patients to take a variety of actions, which unfortunately result in their partial or whole damage. Occasionally, there occur cases with natural scarce eyebrows or their shape is incomplete. Since we are able to perform hair follicle transplant, can we restore our eyebrows using the same method?

Eyebrow transplant

FUE method deals with a transplantation of single hair follicles. The donor and the recipient are the same person, thanks to which the risk of the transplant being rejected is almost non-existent. FUE method offers a possibility of implanting hair follicles almost everywhere over our body – also in the area of the eyebrows. What it means is that the eyebrow transplant procedure is very possible, but in practice it is not often performed. Why? The main reason is the lack of an appropriate donor area (the place where follicles are extracted). In the situation where a patient would like to change their eyebrow shape and make it more regular, some part of the eyebrows can serve as a material to complement the missing parts. The situation becomes more complicated when a patient has no eyebrows. In such case FUE method is also possible; however, the donor area is then hair follicles extracted from the head. Such follicles are not only bigger but they also grow faster (like hair on the head). A patients who opts for such a procedure must be aware that restoring eyebrows in such a way needs trimming.

An individual approach to a patient

In case of unusual procedures, such as eyebrow transplant, a doctor consultation in the office plays a key role. The doctor, after a thorough examination of a donor and recipint area, is able to offer the patient the best possible solution. The doctor’s experience is crucial for the procedure to be successful. It allows to eliminate possible complications, which in the case of facial treatments, cannot occur under any circumstances.

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