Can a hair transplant restore a head full of hair?

Artur Kierach

Hair transplants have been performed for many years, but the technology and methods used keep developing. Despite huge dynamics in cosmetic medicine, some rules remain unaltered. Genetically strong follicles are used to increase head cover and hair density in areasof loss. Hair at the back and sides of the head is resistant to DHT (the active form of testosterone) and the balding gene, and thus constitutes an ideal material for transplants to the remaining parts of the head.

The sooner, the better

Because of the genetic properties of hair follicles, the hair transplant represents a durable solution in your fight against balding. Please rememberthat the effect of the procedure depends on many factors and not every type of balding can be treated with the same method. During qualification for the procedure,the doctor should take into account the quality of the hair, the patient’s age and foresee hair loss potential in other parts of the head in the future. It’s best not to delay taking action as the zone of hair follicles suitable for transplants reducesas the hair loss progresses. With this in mind, treatment of insignificant hair loss (e.g. hairline thinning) allows for achieving the desired effects quicker and more efficiently than advanced hair loss. The transplanted hair needs to look natural, and the hairline should correspond to the patient’s bone structure and shape of theirface.

Hair that looks dense

and healthyIn extreme cases, total head cover is not possible and the crown will be less dense than the remaining areas. If it is not possible to restore the hair already lost, how does a transplant work? Partially it creates an illusion of a greater amount of hair on your head. The doctor performing the procedure deposits hair follicles of varied sizes in the balding area for the growing hair to style correctly and look dense and healthy. With short hairstyles, every hair lies at a different angle which makes the scalp’sskin invisible and provides an illusion of hair thickness.

Venture a talk

The process of hair loss entails many negative emotions and thus it is worth stopping this process as soon as possible. The first and thus a huge step includes making an appointment with a specialist. During such a visit the patient should share all of his or her fears and expectations with the doctor so that the selected treatment method could yield the expected results.

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