Androgenic alopecia treatment

Artur Kierach

Sex: Male
Age: 35+
Diagnosis: Androgenic alopecia
Recommendation: FUE hair transplant

PrzedIn this patient’s case the treatment plan comprised of two stages. The first stage was FUE hair transplant. I extracted 1 661 hair follicles, from which as many as 3 821 hairs grew. This stage of treatment also included hair restoration on the top front surface, that is the creation of a new hairline. 



Przeszczep włosówMost hair grew just within 7 months after the procedure. The patient’s head underwent a dermatoscopic examination, which showed the presence of short hair (2-3 mm long); that proved the new transplanted hair to grow further. 





Przeszczep włosów metodą FUEWe decided on the next stage of the treatment – thickening the head top and filling the receding hair.







Przeszczep włosówThe photo shows the patient’s head before the second procedure.








Przeszczep włosów metodą FUEThe growing hair can be visible in the place of the second transplant just after another 6 months. Within the next 4-6 months a full rebalancing of hair thickness will occur between the first hair transplant and the second one.


Przed i po FUE

For comparison, the photos before and after. The whole treatment plan fulfilment allowed to recover healthy and thick hair.

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