7 things you do every day and damage your hair

Artur Kierach

Hair loss is a problem faced by an increasingly large number of people. It is not a disease but a disorder. However, if left on its own, it can even lead to complete baldness. The problem is due to multiple reasons (e.g. improper diet, stress, hormonal issues, genetics), and only finding the problem that afflicts your body can solve the problem. Pretty unconsciously, we keep damaging our hair on a daily basis. I am convinced that you make at least 1 of the 7 mistakes presented below, which significantly affects the condition of your hair.

How do you deal with wet hair?

My patients make most of the mistakes with wet hair, from frequent shampooing to a wrong hairstyle. For your hair, it is healthiest to shampoo about every 2-3 days. But how do you do this when your hair gets greasy? One of the main reasons for your hair getting excessively greasy and dandruff is sugar. If your hair looks unsightly and dirty and you need to shampoo it often, reduce (or preferably cut out completely) sugar consumption. Remember, after shampooing your hair is extremely sensitive and fragile. Therefore, never rub your hair intensively and never press it with a towel. In doing so, you unknowingly weaken and damage your hair. After shampooing, use your hands to remove as much water as possible out of your hair and then gently apply a clean towel to your head without rubbing your hair wet. It is also a mistake to make a towel turban with wet hair. If you decide to leave a towel on your head, avoid squeezing it tightly. Hot styling tools such as a straightener or curler are also the enemy of wet hair. Always use them on dry hair. Exposing wet hair to high temperatures damages the stem which, when used regularly, will cause the hair to get over-dry and the ends split.

Improper diet causes hair loss

Improper diet can lead to almost all possible disorders, including those affecting hair. Patients often pay little attention to the products they consume and thus ruin their bodies. Today, let us focus on stimulants. Do you drink coffee, alcohol, or smoke in large quantities? Do not do this. These habits may weaken the condition of your hair. Why? Excessive consumption of coffee and alcohol rinses valuable minerals (e.g. zinc) out of our body. Alcohol makes both the scalp and hair dry and contributes to split ends too. What about smoking? Smoking causes cramps in the blood vessels, which means that the hair is not properly nourished and this means that not enough oxygen is released in the tissues. It is worth changing these bad habits to experience the benefit of your hair.

Your hair can’t wait; do not put its health till later

What is most detrimental in hair loss is avoiding avoid doctor appointments because time is of the essence when fighting this issue. If hair loss is not at a very advanced stage, we can help more than 80 % of the patients with appropriate pharmacological treatment. Such treatment only makes sense if the patient reports to a doctor when not too many hair follicles have been lost yet. This method of combating hair loss does not require a lot of commitment from the patient and the treatment can even be administered during an e-consultation. In some cases, patients are asked for additional blood tests, but these can also be prescribed, discussed on-line similarly as follow-up checks, extending prescriptions for drugs. At HairCenter Kierach, e-consultations are offered through .www.drkierach.pl.

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