11 organic foods that inhibit hair loss

Artur Kierach

Organic foods have always helped us to maintain the right body balance. A good diet is the key to proper functioning. Food does more than just providing us with energy to live: it also builds our bodies, including hair! What products should we eat to keep our hair healthy and prevent hair loss? Find out what to include in your diet and make sure that you are not among those who are at risk of hair loss due to bad nutrition.

Vitamins and minerals that boost your hair health

A well-balanced diet can be your ally in the fight against hair loss. Did you know that bad eating habits are among the more common causes of this disorder? If you have a problem with hair loss, pay attention to the products you eat and when preparing meals reach for those that contain 5 important vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E, iron, zinc, B-complex vitamins and vitamin A play an important role in the entire hair formation process: from the root to the healthy and well-groomed stems. Why are these nutrients so important? Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which prevents oxidative stress and helps to keep the scalp and hair healthy. It also protects the skin from ageing, inflammation and improves blood flow. This in turn improves the hair condition. Iron helps the red blood cells to transfer oxygen to the cells. Iron deficiency often causes anaemia and this contributes to hair loss. Iron also plays an important role in the production of haemoglobin in the blood, which in turn is responsible for the transfer of oxygen to the cells that stimulate hair growth. When talking about hair growth, let us mention that zinc also plays an important role in hair growth. Zinc helps in the proper functioning of the sebaceous and oil glands around the hair follicles. Zinc deficiency contributes to hair loss. The basic protein that makes up hair, skin and nails is keratin. Biotin, a B-complex vitamin improves the body's keratin infrastructure. Thanks to vitamin A hair follicles are the fastest growing tissue in our body, which also helps the skin glands to produce sebum. A diet poor in vitamin A often leads to thinning and hair loss.

Products to improve the condition of your hair

We already know what vitamins and minerals must be included in your diet, so now it is time to think about which foods to look for. Supplementation alone often turns out to be insufficient, and the vitamins and minerals found in natural foods are not easily replaced. During the annual conference of the Asian Association of Hair Restoration in Beijing, I had a very interesting discussion with Kenichiro Imagawa, MD PhD, about the right hair diet. It led us to the conclusion that patients remember about vitamins and minerals, but they supply them to their bodies from the wrong sources; instead of paying attention to the right diet, they usually only reach for dietary supplements. What natural products should be included in the diet to keep hair healthy? There are many of them. Brazil nuts are an excellent source of selenium, whereas vitamin C contained in mandarins makes it easier for the body to absorb iron, which in turn is contained in red meat or spinach. If hair loss is caused by inflammation, sources of omega-3 fatty acid such as salmon, walnuts, chia seeds or flax seeds may prove helpful. Eggs, which are full of biotin and vitamin B also boost the condition of your hair. Eggs greatly influence better hair growth, they give it shine and make it stronger. Those who cannot eat eggs should provide biotin from other sources such as almonds, avocados or salmon as already mentioned.

Stay-at-home diagnosis

The list of reasons why you may lose hair is really long. Alongside the wrong diet, stress, hormonal disorders or genetic issues lead the way. It is only possible to effectively eliminate the problem when the cause of the disorder is found. An e-consultation (at HairCenter Kierach via the www.drkierach.pl portal) proves to be helpful in diagnosing the problem and helps to solve over 80% of hair loss problems. During such a medical appointment the patient may be qualified for pharmacological treatment, appropriate medications can be prescribed, possible auxiliary tests can be ordered, and results discussed. At a later stage, treatment progress is controlled and prescriptions extended. During the e-consultation, it is also possible to qualify a patient for hair transplantation, together with a precise determination of the amount of hair follicles to be transplanted along with determination of the price of such a procedure.

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